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Bukit Tabur Retreat

Welcome to Bukit Tabur Retreat, a place built with passion and love in a secluded tropical jungle space in Kuala Lumpur. Experience the beautiful, undisturbed natural surroundings at our retreat home. Definitely a perfect getaway to be enjoyed with family and friends!

Our guests get to immerse in nature, barbeque, do yoga or exercise at the scenic balcony and dip in the cool natural spring water pool.

City dwellers who wish to have a quick staycation on weekdays can just drive to the retreat after office hours, get lost in a blissful experience overnight, softly awaken by the sound of nature the next morning and still be well in time for work.

Going to Bukit Tabur Retreat

  • GPS Location: Bukit Tabur Retreat.

  • Cars can be parked uphill and you need to walk about 50 metres to get to the property.

  • Alternatively, you can choose to park along Jalan Kolam Air, the foothill of Bukit Tabur . Then,  you can either hike up for 400 metres (10 mins) or arrange a transport ride (5 mins) with us to get to Bukit Tabur Retreat.

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